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While snow continues to fall over the US east coast, ivivva New York City has been reveling in its winter sports. As hockey season ramps up to playoffs, our NYC showroom educator tagged along to practice to meet some goal-crushing players. Here's their story.

hear it from New York

The early bird gets the worm; that's why elite hockey players Maddie, Sam and Ally, are at the rink at 7am to get in their ice time before school.

These tight teammates play because they love the competition. They want to go to nationals and they're determined to cream their opponents. But most of all, they play because they love the game.

It's hard to shake their determination and team spirit. Even after experiencing their team's upset in last weekend's tournament, and then watching the heartbreaking golden loss of the US women's hockey team (missing school to watch it together), the girls are more motivated than ever to give it their all and finish the season strong.

early bird hockey practice | ivivva

fave game?: "We were down 6-0 with five minutes left and we came back and won the game. We were all crying."- Sam.


practice time

The trio takes to the ice. They begin carving figure eights in harmonious laps and then it’s time to warm up their hands.

They practice a series of puck control and passing drills again and again - and again, improving with every rep.

Speed and strength training with the harnesses offers major resistance and major fun.

puck drills, can't get enough of 'em | ivivva

why hockey?: "I started figure skating and a coach said, 'you should try hockey,' and my friend and I switched over together."  -Maddie.

getting stronger, harness strength training  | ivivva

fave moment?: "We played on an all-girls team but in a boys league. We made it to states. We creamed 'em!"  - Sam.

hey coach, your turn | ivivvamotivation to play?: "When the Pens went to the Stanley Cup two years in a row, I thought 'I want to try that"  - Ally. 

what does "giving it" mean to them?

Along with early mornings, there are also long weekends away at tournaments and grueling off-ice training sessions. Maddie, Sam and Ally play hard with their tier II travel team, the New Jersey Colonials, up to six times per week and then hone their skills during weekly private training sessions with Juggernaut Sports.

Their hard work pays off in the form of trophies and medals but that's not the thing that gets them back to the rink almost every day.

"Hanging out with our team!" the girls say  is half the fun.

Between packing all of their equipment (bags that easily weigh up to 60 pounds),  layering clothes, lacing skates and taping sticks, these girls spend a long time in the locker room doing just that - "hanging out".

spending time bonding and lacing up is half the fun | ivivva

What's their advice for other girls who want to give hockey a try? They should just play!

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Photographer: Katie Lenhart



Glad to see the Pens inspiring the future generations of American Women’s Hockey players. You go girls! Bring on the next gen!

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Comment by lululemongec — March 24, 2014 @ 3:59 pm

I enjoyed reading a post about girls’ hockey. I think my daughter wants to be just like these girls!

Comment by Yvette — April 2, 2014 @ 9:57 pm

WOW that really shows girl power!! I wish I could do that too. Nice job ladies!

Comment by Khloe Kardashian — February 16, 2015 @ 9:04 am

I love ivivva! I wish they had it for adults. (lulu lemon) I am so inspired!

Comment by Khloe Kardashian — February 16, 2015 @ 9:06 am

This is so cool!! I play hockey too and I’m going to nationals and state next week. They play tier II not tier I, so I probably won’t play them, but I love to see more girls getting their game on!!

Comment by Claire — March 5, 2015 @ 2:02 pm

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