size chart

size height chest waist hip torso inseam
4 107-117 56-58 53-56 56-58 102-109 51-53
6/XXS 122-132 60-62 56-58 62-65 109-117 58-61
8/XS 135-145 64-66 58-61 69-71 117-124 66-69
10/S 147-157 69-71 60-62 76-79 124-132 74-76
12/M 152-163 74-76 62-65 81-84 132-137 76-79
14/L 157-168 79-81 65-67 88-90 137-142 79-81
size height chest waist hip torso inseam
4 42-46" 22-23" 21-22" 22-23" 40-43" 20-21"
6/XXS 48-52" 23½-24½" 22-23" 24½-25½" 43-46" 23-24"
8/XS 53-57" 25-26" 23-24" 27-28" 46-49" 26-27"
10/S 58-62" 27-28" 23½-24½" 30-31" 49-52" 29-30"
12/M 60-64" 29-30" 24½-25½" 32-33" 52-54" 30-31"
14/L 62-66" 31-32" 25½-26½" 34½-35½" 54-56" 31-32"

how to measure

Ask a parent or a friend to help you out with these:

height - The vertical distance from the crown of your head to the floor. Stand against a wall without shoes and get someone to mark where the top of your head reaches (no tip-toes). Measure from that point to the floor.

chest - Hang your arms by your sides and get someone to measure around your chest and shoulder blades, with the tape just below your armpits. Breathe deeply, the tape should lie flat but not too snug.

waist - Wrap the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, usually around your belly button. Let your tummy relax and allow for a 1/4-inch of space.

hip - Measure around the widest part of your hips, usually one to two inches below the hipbones – be sure to stand up for this one.

torso - Place the tape measure on your right shoulder midway between your neck base and your shoulder joint. Wrap the tape over your shoulder, down your back slightly diagonal, and up through the legs around the crotch area. Bring the measure back up across the chest to the starting point.

inseam - Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and get someone to measure from the top of your inner thigh to your inner heel.

fit guidelines

finding the right fit - Your lounge wear can be more relaxed but make sure your exercise pants and bodysuits are snug - but not too tight. ivivva clothes should fit you like a comfortable second skin. Luon® is designed to have a matte finish so if there is an underlying sheen that reflects the light, this means your pants are too tight and you need to go up a size. On the other hand, if they’re too big they can slip or trip you while you’re flying through your favourite dance or athletic class.

ready to wear - Most ivivva clothes are pre-shrunk to ensure a quality fit the first time and so there are no surprises in the wash. Please don’t buy a size that’s too big assuming it will shrink to fit, because it likely won’t.

free to grow hemming - Depending on your height and activity, pants may need to be hemmed. If there is not an ivivva store near you, find a lululemon store and ask for “child’s hemming”. All ivivva items are specially hemmed with a double turn so when you grow, you can go back to the store and get your pants let down an inch. If there is not a store near you, find a trusted tailor and ensure they take notice of our special fabrics or style of stiches, which are designed with intention for the movement of your item. Be sure to wear the shoes you’d normally wear when trying on your pants and hem to at least to the bottom of the heel.