the 'a' to 'z' of product features

Our designers at ivivva use a lot of different technologies to create our technical performance pieces but sometimes the words they use sound like they are from another planet. You may find it useful to know, for example, that "cuffins" are not flightless birds or a delicious pastry. Check out the section below for information on some of the features we're most excited about.


360° reflectivity

We want to be safe and visible on our runs without looking like a member of a road construction crew. 360° reflective cuffs, piping and seams are discreet during the day but in the dark, will make you more reflective than a magic mirror.


We love to sweat but don't like stinky gear. To inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria in our gear, we've woven in silver-bonded Silverescent® fabric yarns. Wearing athletic gear that supports your active life and keeps your friends happy - what more could you want?

articulated elbow or knee

Bendy bits like our knees and elbows need room to move. Articulation is the fundamental technology that allowed knights in steel suits to ride horses. Imagine what you can achieve with the same technology in a performance fabric.


base layer

A good moisture-wicking base layer against our skin helps keep us dry so we can feel free to sweat hard at practice.


The term "body mapping" means we've determined where our bodies need the most air circulation and strategically placed breathable fabrics in these areas.

built-in shelf bra

Having a sports bra built into a workout tank allows for more freedom of movement and means you can focus on your practice, not on awkward or bulky layers beneath your top. Best of all, it means less laundry to do.



There's no way around it: chafing is a bummer. We have an arsenal of tricks to combat this pesky problem. Flat and bonded seams, seamless fabrics and elastic on the outside of hems means that extra fabric and stitching aren't rubbing against your body

complimentary in-store hemming

At first, we considered installing in-store shrinking machines to make everybody's limbs a consistent size. The alternative, complimentary in-store hemming, means that everyone can get gear that fits their body and their practice perfectly.

continuous drawcords

Washing machines can be hungry hippos when it comes to lone socks and drawcords. We've added continuous drawcords to some of our shorts, crops and pants, effectively taking those drawcords off the laundry lunch list.



Though you'd be excused for thinking cuffins are cute penguin-esque puffins or cheese muffins, they're actually a super handy feature to keep your hands warm on chilly runs. The cuffs have an extra flap that folds over your fingers, like built in mittens, to keep your fingers toasty warm.


dropped hem

Sometimes having a mullet is a good thing. Dropped hems are regular length in the front and longer in the back to give that little bit of extra bum coverage in our tops, skirts and dresses.


Short for Durable Water Repellent finish, this fabric enhancement is found on many of our jackets and helps keep you dry on your way to get sweaty.


emergency hair ties

emergency hair ties

In case you lose your elastic when you're out and about, we've hidden hair ties on some of the zippers found on our jackets and bags.


flat seam

Rather than creating a bunchy ridge of scratchy fabric, we sew our seams flat (one on top of the other) to reduce chafing. This sewing style reduces irritation so much that we should call it "the meditation stitch".

free to grow hemming

Depending on your height and activity, pants may need to be hemmed. ivivva offers complimentary hemming where all items are specially hemmed with a double turn so when you grow you can go back to the store and get your pants let down an inch.

four-way stretch

Knowing how many different ways we move in our gymnastics, dance, ice and other sports, we've added four-way stretch to many of our items to allow for our creative bending habits.



gripper elastic

Wedgie-pickers fear no more. We've strategically added silicone elastic to our bodysuits, pants and tops to make sure things stay put.


These diamond-and-triangle-shaped pieces of fabric are sewn between the legs for greater freedom of movement and to prevent tight fitting shorts, pants, or crops from riding up.


headphone cord guide

We all know how aggravating it is when we're in the zone pre-stage or on a run and our headphones get tangled. This guide strategically clips our cord into place on specific points on our body to keep things from getting out of hand. Best of all, it also means that weight is evenly distributed so that your iWhatever doesn't act like a runaway dog on a leash.



We get specific so we can help fit you right. Our measurement is taken from the upper inner leg down to the bottom of the inner ankle. Make sure to measure both legs and average the lengths because no one is perfectly symmetrical.


layering system

We know a thing or two about surviving winter in The Great White North. The three keys to success (and warmth) are layer, layer, layer. We can often be spotted running with more layers than a royal wedding cake. We designed our technical gear with enough layering options to ensure we are ready for anything.


We hired a bunch of science-fiction nerds in our design department and consequently we now have implemented lasers in some of our most-loved tools. We use them to cut patterns into garments for venting as well as to finish and shape some of our hem edges.


media pocket with cord exit

media pocket with cord exit

To combat the Spiderman-like solution you've created to hold your music player on your body while running, we've designed a media pocket with a cord exit to allow for easy hands-free sweat sessions without constant adjustments.


The kind of layer you want to be stuck in the middle with. A mid-layer when it's freezing cold and a base layer when things heat up. This crowd pleaser helps you retain warmth and can work as an outer layer when you find yourself between seasons.

moisture wicking

Like staring up at the stars, perspiration is enjoyable for the first few minutes but becomes uncomfortable over a long period of time. Our moisture-wicking fabrics are designed to pull sweat away from the body to the surface of the garment.


outer layer

The outer layer lives to serve and protect, often acting as a water and wind management system that helps to keep you dry and warm. Added reflective details add visibility in low light so you can be your own knight in shining armour.



We preshrink many of our fabrics before they are made into garments to prevent buckling zippers, rippling seams and awkward ankle-baring pants.


quick dry

Getting sweaty is one of our favourite things, but staying sweaty isn't. Our quick dry fabrics are tested to evaporate moisture efficiently.


removable sport top inserts

Maybe you have a bra, maybe you don't, or maybe you just need a little extra coverage. Either way we've got you covered with removable sport top inserts that you can choose to wear for whatever athletic pursuit.


sweaty laundry bag

Some things aren't meant to meet like sweaty work-out gear and your clean post-shower clothes – or your diary and younger brother. The sweaty laundry bag keeps your clothes separate - as for your secrets and lil' bro, we're afraid you're on your own.




We put thumbholes in to solve a multitude of cold weather sins. Thumbholes help keep your sleeves in place when you're running or putting another layer over the top. They can also keep your hands warm and eliminate the icy gap between the bottom of your sleeves and your gloves.



An Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ tells us that a fabric is "excellent" at blocking the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Thick materials (like concrete) are really effective but hard to run in. We've engineered lightweight fabrics that still achieve the highest rating.



Neither snow, nor rain keeps our courageous soccer stars and outdoor athletes from their practice. Our waterproof fabrics are rigorously tested. To be considered waterproof, a garment must be made of a waterproof fabric and have waterproof sealed seams.


Our water-resistant gear is designed to protect you from light wind and rain (it's not designed for swimming lessons or mud pits).


zipper garage

zipper garage

Parking a car in a garage helps avoid unwanted scratches. Parking your zipper in its garage (a fold of soft fabric around the end of the zipper) helps avoid scratched or irritated chins.