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the luon® fabric family

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luon® fabric

This high-performance fabric has serious stretch and can handle some serious sweat. Our signature Luon® fabric is:

  • moisture-wicking
  • four-way stretch
  • breathable
  • cottony soft

We love Luon® and we use it a lot. You'll find it in our tanks, pants, bras and jackets.

luon®light fabric

A lightweight version of our moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Luon® fabric, Light Luon® fabric is perfect for wearing on its own in warm studios or for layering during sweaty pursuits. We use this fabric in tanks, sports bras and light layers.

luon®sheer jersey

A super light version of our moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Luon® fabric, Luon® Sheer Jersey makes moving a breeze. It's perfect for hot studios and hot climates. We use this fabric in tanks and other lightweight layers.


Our fastest wicking fabric, Luxtreme® is primarily used in running gear. The moisture wicking is inherent in the fabric so will last for the life of the garment. This makes it great for super sweaty activities. The nylon used in Luxtreme® is made to feel silky and smooth. We may choose Luxtreme®'s lightweight qualities over Luon® depending on the intended purpose of a garment.

Variations include: brushed Power Luxtreme® and Power Luxtreme®. All variations have the same performance characteristics as regular Luxtreme® but may feel slightly different.

tech fleece

Primarily used in our running gear for colder weather, Tech Fleece has a brushed finish on the inside to give a super soft feel. The breathable nylon wick moisture to the outside of the garment to leave you cozy and dry. Think of it as cold weather luon®.


Seamless fabric is a nylon, spandex blend used in some of our yoga and running gear. This lightweight and breathable fabric has no side-seams so it helps keep irritating chafe in check. Ventilation knit throughout the garment makes it feel like a weightless second-skin so you can breathe and bend seamlessly.


Primarily used in our run gear, Swift is uber lightweight and multi-purpose. Depending on what kind of activity we design the product for, we choose different fibre blends to create our Swift fabric to be stretchy, moisture-wicking or water-repellent.

Variations include: Recycled Polyester Swift, Reflective Swift and Tuxedo Stripe Swift. Blending different fibres together may change the feel of the fabric slightly but the result is a fabric that is moisture wicking, breathable, preshrunk and lightweight. Swift with DWR loses moisture wicking properties but makes up for it by being water-resistant.

fly tech family

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Anti-stink - need we say more. We use X-STATIC® - The Silver Fiber® to create our anti-bacterial Silverescent® Sheer Luon®. Synthetics tend to hold onto odour-causing bacteria even after washing. The silver in our tops inhibits bacteria growth.

Variations include: Silverescent® Jacquard Mesh, Silverescent® Sheer Luon®, and seamless Silverescent® (tubes of Silverescent® fabric with no side seams).

meshes and liners family

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Primarily used in our run gear, we chose this fabric because it's lightweight, stretchy and provides more coverage than traditional mesh. Mesh is super breathable and moisture-wicking.


We use COOLMAX® as a liner in our tanks, bras and shorts. It feels soft against the skin and offers superior wicking, which is great during heavy duty sweat sessions. It's stretchy and preshrunk too. COOLMAX® is made from 100 per cent polyester. What makes it inherently wicking is the way the fibres are engineered to channel out moisture.

power mesh

Power Mesh is used as a liner in tanks, bras, and shorts. It holds you in and breathes at the same time, which makes it a dual-powered favorite. You may also see power mesh inserted underneath the arms or behind the knees for extra ventilation.

natural blend family

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cotton fleece

Famous for its fleecy inside cozy-ness, we chose Cotton Fleece for our hoodies because it's thick, warm and durable. A blend of cotton and polyester, it's preshrunk for a perfect fit and hassle-free laundering.

pima cotton

Primarily used in our tees, Pima Cotton jersey is a luxuriously lightweight fabric. It's ideal for any activity because it is highly breathable. What makes it different than regular cotton is its properties: it has unusually long, silky fibres, which gives it an unbelievably soft feel. In addition, it has spandex for great shape retention and is preshrunk for a perfect fit.

stretch french terry

This is our special blend of breathable, comfortable cotton paired with LYCRA® to help the fabric retain its shape. Stretch French Terry might just be our most comfortable sweater material. This fabric is preshrunk to avoid buckling zippers and bunching fabric.

sweater knit

This fabric is 100% cotton yarns, sometimes blended with a small amount of LYCRA® for stretch and comfort. Sweater Knit helps keeps you cozy between practice and during warm-ups.

outerwear & insulation family

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cire puffy

This lightweight outer layer is water- and wind-resistant to help protect against the elements. Cire Puffy fabric is often paired with goose-down because of its ability to keep feathers in and cold air out.


Glyde is made from 100% Polyester and is DWR coated, so it will be water- and wind-resistant to protect you from light wind and rain. It's also lightweight and soft.

Variations include: Perforated Glyde (mostly seen in areas that need venting).


Softshell refers to three layers of fabric held together: face (outside), membrane (middle layer), and the inside.

two-layer twill

One of the best jacket fabrics around! Two-Layer Twill is great because it's lightweight and you can layer underneath for added warmth, extending how long into the winter you can wear it. A water-resistant membrane is glued to the inside of the fabric, which helps keep the water out while allowing for breathability.

Responsible Down Standard

We use Responsible Down Standard (RDS) down in our product. The RDS provides traceability through the entire supply chain to ensure that our down comes from humanely treated geese.